Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Gingerbread House

Here is an inexpensive kids craft for you to do. It's fun because each kid gets their own house to decorate and there's no fighting over creative differences. The houses are made out of graham crackers instead of gingerbread. We used pint sized milk cartons as the house structure and "glued" the crackers on using royal icing. As soon as I was done making the house structure the kids went crazy decorating them with candy. Use royal icing to "glue" the candy onto the house. My 4 year old son has a good imagination and he was very creative. He used a jolly rancher for the chimney. I loved it so much I had to copy him. Finally, I dusted everything with shredded coconut to make it look like snow. You could try using powdered sugar on the roof top to look like snow as well. I posed my daughter's mini doll for the pictures. It was the perfect size. We lined all our finished houses up and made a mini village.

Happy Holidays!

Mini La La Loopsy sitting in front of her new candy home