Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Clip Board

I'm determined to stay organized this year. The thing is, I make a huge mess whenever I do anything and I like to spread out, but I always know where everything is. Good for me, not so good for my family. What better way to stay organized and better communicate with my husband than to create a message board? I piggy backed this idea I saw on Split Coast Stampers. Also, we use these at work, so why wouldn't I think to use it at home? The ones at work are just plain and ugly, though. But with a little creative touch, they become so adorable. I glued four coordinating DP to the plain clipboard ($1.99 ea.) I adhered a sticky note pad to the bottom left quadrant, added some binder clips, and added cork for push pins. Instead of buying new cork board, though, I recycled wine corks. I was able to adhere them with a hot glue gun. I added the ribbon in the center by just tying a double knot. The best thing about this is that I adhered it to the inside of my kitchen cupboard door. I used Scotch picture hanging adhesive. It's kind of like Velcro, but it's not permanent. I can hang miscellany using the large clip or smaller binder clips, and because its on the inside of the cupboard it doesn't clutter up my wall. I also use a magnet (not pictured here) on the large metal clip for even more notes. Now, I just need to add push pins to my cork board and I 'll be set.