Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Finished Domino Pendants

Butterfly & Key Mini Domino Pendant
Here are some of the domino pendants I created this past weekend.  I used SU! stamps and Staz-on black ink for the images. Some of them I also edged with Holtz ink to give that antique distressed look. I wasn't sure about how the ink would hold up under the Dimensional Magic. One of the samples that I had made at the workshop turned pink and I think it was because the red ink on the paper ran, I'm not sure what happened.
I really like the mini domino, however, they are quite small and you are very limited to what will fit on your collage. Even the regular size piece is pretty small and I'm having a difficult time finding images small enough to stamp on it. This SU! set is perfect, though. Also, you could cut out images like in the last image of the "Blessed" pendant. I cut a flower out and also cut out each letter to spell out Blessed. It is very tiny cutting and those little pieces are so easy to lose. I found tweezers to be helpful. Another great tip is to find paper with small pattern designs. I tend to shop for paper with big patterns and it doesn't translate well when you are just using the corner of the sheet. You end up cutting off so much of your design. You really have to think about your "canvas" when you shop for paper. You canvas is only about an inch or less.
Bird on a Branch Domino Pendant
Butterfly Love Collage Pendant
Vintage Flowers Domino Pendant
Blessed Mini Domino Pendant

The last image is another mini domino. I made this for my children's' Sunday School teacher because she's moving away. We will miss her!
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  1. NICE! Where do you get those mini dominos from?

    1. Thanks Jenny, I got all my supplies (except paper) at collage in Sellwood. Here is the link again collagepdx.com

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  3. I look forward to the November class if there is one. I love your artwork.