Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Birthday Mini Album

I'm really excited about this project. Instead of making my children birthday cards I decided to make them mini albums. I wanted to create a keepsake they can look back on when they are my age. Or even better, their children can look at when they are this age.
I interviewed them and journaled their responses. It's kind of like those birthday time capsule "this is what was happening in 2012" things. I wish I had picture albums of when I was this young age so I can show my kids what I was like as a child. My mom said they all got ruined during the Flood of 1982, but I have a suspicion they didn't take many pictures of me. After all, I was the second born and all the fuss was given to the first born. Mom, if you're reading this, I hope you know I'm just kidding around. lol

What I'm really excited about is this new SU! Framelits. They are adorable. I'm so in love with them! I edged everything with antique ink to give it that vintage look. This being a child-friendly album, I don't have to worry about them getting it dirty, it already looks worn.

My daughter got really bored during our photo shoot so she began dancing and twirling around. What a great opportunity! I captured some shots of her dancing and decided to make a film strip. I love this idea because sometimes those posed shots get so stagnant. Doing this really shows her fun and vibrant personality.

The only challenge was how to put it in this weird shaped album. I decided to accordian fold it and secure it with a latch. I made this from ribbon, buttons and embroidery floss.


Some of the questions from the interview were favorite food, favorite toy, favorite school subject, music, video game and favorite color (can you guess it was pink?) Some other things I included were the meaning and origin of her name, what is so special about the day she was born, both her Eastern and Western birth signs and their traits....well you get the picture.

I secured the mini album with one 1 1/4" metal ring. This was to my advantage because I was able to add 3-D embellishments and not worry about having to close book. It also makes it very kid friendly. Children can flip right through the pages. I made sure to reinforce the punch hole with extra glue and paper. I wouldn't want any pages to tear away.

I'm not sure about this color combination, but I got so sick of pink. I definitely raised a princess.....Everything is pink with pink glitter and pink bling with a pink cherry on top! For this page, I added blue with black flowers. It sure is different, but I think it works. I added a bit of glitter to the flower centers.

I hope this inspires you as you have all inspired me. Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Super cute and a great idea. I know she will love it and love showing it to her kids too!