Saturday, November 5, 2011

Calendar Gifts

I thought this would make a great Christmas gift. I made this calendar picture frame holder out of wood, glue, screws and 6x6 album page refills and two album rings. I covered the top with paper to hide some of the excess space above. This project took some wood-working skills. I used a hand saw, but I suggest a miter saw if you want straight lines. My mom saw this project and described it to me. We drew up some plans while she was visiting and she helped me with the dimensions. The bottom piece is 10" and the side pieces are 10" as well. The middle brace piece that connects the bottom to the sides is 8" and the dowel is 8 1/4". You may need to adjust your measurements if your album pages are different dimensions than shown here. There are 6 pages; January through June on one side, July through December on the flip side. There's the Triple Treat Heart again from SU!

This one I painted gold. I stamped the calendar, but I think it would be much easier to print it off on a computer, especially if you make a few of these to give as gifts. Unfortunately, my computer died along with all my word programs. I think SU! also makes a calendar stamp, but don't quote me on that.
Side view
At first I didn't want to make the holder too ornate because I thought it would distract from the pictures. However, some subtle texture or filigrees would probably look really nice and not be a distraction at all. I think next time I will paint it black with some accents up the sides. The album rings come in all sorts of colors nowadays. You could even use ribbon instead.
Helpful tip: paint all wood pieces before assembling.
Thanks for visitin. Some feedback would be nice. Happy crafting!


  1. This is an awesome project! Totally handmade w/love!

  2. Jenny told me this was awesome and she was right! Wow! This is great!