Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Simple Birthday Card

I finally got my shipment of Sister Stamps. I made this very simple card. I find it so hard now to make a "simple" card because of all the embellishments, punches, charms and fun stuff that are available. I just want to keep adding more stuff and don't really know when to stop.

I saw these really cool coloring techniques using Copics on various craft blogs. I do not own any fancy Copics, so I had to improvise. I used shimmery watercolors. It's by Yasutomo and it is a 16-color pallet. I bought it for $3.99 @ Freddy's. Here's my attempt at painting like the pro crafters. Hope I did Sister Stamps justice. Tell me what you think about the hair painting technique.

Here's the link to that tutorial by Amy super-hero-blue-black-hair. She used Copics and she made it look SO EASY. I tried....really I tried.

I really would have preferred to have it say Konichiwa for the sentiment, but I live where it is difficult to find Asian sentiment stamps. (Not sure if there are such a thing). I had to settle for this Happy Birthday sentiment.
Happy crafting to you! Have a good week.

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